Xmas 2017. . .or is it 1987? '77? '67?

Once again, I've put together a little hand-made Christmas ditty for your listening pleasure (at the end of this post). This year's offering is a bit different from what you're used to hearing from me. . . .but there's good reason for that.

After all - the inspiration came from a number of far-flung places. . .


Over the summer, I watched a movie and a TV show on The Beatles. The movie was Ron Howard's "Eight Days A Week", which chronicled their story as a live, touring band. As the story goes, touring eventually became a grind - tiresome and pointless (no one could really hear the band at their stadium shows - not even The Beatles). After touring in support of "Revolver", the band came off the road for good to focus on their efforts in the studio.


Which leads us to the PBS TV show "Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution", which did a splendid job of explaining how the Fab Four married numerous musical genres and instrumentation - while pushing the boundaries of the the days' technology. The resulting album blew EVERYONE'S mind and changed popular music forever. 

If you like The Beatles - or simply have a deep interest in music - I highly recommend both the movie and TV show.


Earlier this fall, Wendy & I binged on "Stranger Things 2". We loved the second season as much as the first. We would have been just a year or two older than the main characters in the show. . .so the story, the kids, the culture, the MUSIC. . . .it was all a blast and a massively fun flash-back. 


Finally, PBS aired a number of fantastic shows this fall celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager spacecrafts.  I've long been a nut for space exploration and space travel (and I'm still hoping to go for a ride). Watching these shows - which were heavily peppered with interviews of the folks that worked on the Voyager program - were terribly inspiring. Wow - thinking big! Once in roughly 150 years, the 4 outer-most planets align - which allowed us the chance to sling a device at them so that we might understand them (and ourselves) better. Hugely ambitious! (I wonder if we could pull off anything like that now.) From that journey comes the image "Pale Blue Dot", one of the final photos Voyager snapped before shutting down its cameras and make its way out of our solar system. In the image, there is a yellowish sun-streak on the right-hand side - running from the top to the bottom of the image. A little over half way down the sun-streak is a pale speck. Look closely - its there. That's us. Yup. All of us.

Google the whole story. Pretty awesome.

So - with this year's Christmas ditty, I set a specific goal for myself. This goal was inspired by all of these events and experiences. . .The Beatles pushing the boundaries of music and the recording studio. . .the talented men & women of the Voyager program, who had the vision and gumption to reach out beyond the edges of our solar-system. . .and that weird, ethereal, pulsating synth-sounding song that opens Stranger Things. With all of these serving as inspiration, I wanted to make something that sounds very different from the music I regularly make. . .and I wanted to make it using tools that I don't normally use. 

Give it a minute - it's a slow build. Headphones on. I hope you enjoy.

Please - as always - share you feedback.