Merry Christmas 2016!

Wow - another year has gone by. Here's hoping you & yours had a great one.

This year I'd like to say "thanks for a great year" and "merry Christmas" by extending the gift of an original composition. You're free to listen to the song in the embedded players below or download it (either the CD-quality AIFF file or the lower-resolution AAC file) and enjoy it anywhere/anytime.

You're also welcome to share this song with friends & family. The more the merrier.

This year's song is entitled "The Lamentation of Mr. Claus". Give a listen and you'll get the idea. 

After working this year on mostly pop productions, it was fun to make something intentionally stripped down, lo-fi and pretty much acoustic. It features a kick drum, sleigh bells, upright bass, Fender Rhodes electric piano, blues harmonica (through a bullet mic & tube pre-amp) and vocals.

Please enjoy.

Merry Christmas. . .and have a great 2017.