Mastering Wet Mut's "Nightlight"

On Wet Mut's new album "Nightlight", I served as Mastering Engineer.

For those that are unfamiliar, mastering is a process all recordings must go through before their commercial release. Mastering ensures a cohesive listening experience - no matter how widely the arrangements, instrumentation and volumes might vary throughout the course of an album. When properly done, mastering allows the listener to enjoy the entire album seamlessly from beginning to end (otherwise, the listener would be adjusting bass, treble and volume with every new song). 

While working on "Nightlight", I absolutely fell in love with the songs. They poetically ponder life, loss and hope from the perspective of a person transitioning into adulthood during uncertain times. Not only is the songwriting exceptional, but the arrangements and instrumentation simultaneously evoke something familiar and comfortable (utilizing folkie guitars & ukulele) as well as something from the not-so-distant future (incorporating synths & samples) - seamlessly marrying the two vibes. 

I encourage you to give a listen to one of my favorite tracks from the album => "Green Cheese Pie". 

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Purchase the album on Bandcamp.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp.

Wet Mut will be touring the new album this summer. Stay tuned for dates and cities.