Welcoming Crush+Lovely

It’s a bit tough for me to concisely describe C+L. They’re not strictly a Creative Shop. . .nor are they exactly a Digital Agency. And while they are partly those things, there’s a bit more to it. They create their own groovy digital products and content but also work with Fortune 100 companies, global nonprofits, leading arts organizations, startups, ad agencies and digital visionaries. Shoot - even a former U.S. President is among their clients.

No matter the client or project, these folks take a unique approach to developing marketing campaigns and the associated creative work. . .while also giving a good deal of consideration up-front to choosing those campaigns that are a proper fit for them, their philosophy and their approach.

Even better (for me, especially) - co-founders Matt Blanchard and Nathan Heleine are musicians. This presents a unique opportunity to operate on a deeper creative level while delivering top-notch production to their clients.

My contributions to their projects are often modest. . .but it’s always fun and satisfying. So. . .whether the session calls for voice-over recording, foley work, music mixing, sound-design or all of the above - time spent with the C+L crew is an opportunity to do good, challenging work. . .while having good a time doing it.

A hearty welcome to all of the talented folks at Crush & Lovely! 

Keep an eye on this page. In upcoming posts, I’ll detail some highlights from past C+L projects. . .as well as on-going & new projects for 2016.