Let the ladies know that they are "So Divine"

As Mother's Day approaches, this musical message couldn't be more relevant. . .

As the saying goes, you don't miss a good thing until it's gone. So don't waste another minute. Take the time to tell the special ladies in your life that you love them.

Your mom, your grandmother, your daughter, your best friend. . .let her know that you cherish her, that you love her heart and her soul. . .and that she is SO DIVINE.

Serving as Producer on the music video project was a great experience.

Huge kudos and thanks to the talented folks involved, including:
 • Director - Eli Horne
 • Associate Producer - Natasha Eng
 • Camera Operators - Wendy Lui, David De Benedetto and Stephane Pain

I had the distinct pleasure of engineering, mixing and producing the track at my space (Due South Studios) in SoHo, NYC.

The musicians featured on the song are:
 • Drums - Tobias Gebb
 • Bass - Darren Lipper
 • Keyboards - Roy Dunlap
 • Horns - Matt Blanchard
 • Guitar - Marco Viccaro Bucalone
 • Harmonica, Percussion and Vocals - yours truly

So - hey!
Let the spirit of the song move you. 
Don't wait!
Take a moment to tell the special ladies in your life that you chrish them. . .that they are SO DIVINE.

And have a very happy Mother's Day!