Spotlight on: Nikki Lowe

Voice-over Artist Nikki Lowe

Voice-over Artist Nikki Lowe

Late last year, I hosted a recording session for an extremely special project at the studio. The folks behind this project prefer to perpetrate their random acts of kindness in an anonymous manner - so while I can't divulge many details, I was and am still so pleased to have been involved with an effort to educate & empowered our kids so that they might improve the world around them.

As is sometimes the case, the producers of this project ran into a last minute scheduling snafu. They had to quickly scramble to bring in a back-up voice-over artist. That back-up was Nikki Lowe.

Since the session's script revolved around the myriad dangers and challenges that today's youth encounter, the subject matter got fairly deep and pretty intense. . .and often quite sad. Many of us in the room were feeling pretty emotional - some of us (me included) on the verge of tears. It was heavy - and we had a good amount of material to cover. Nikki was in the booth for roughly 3 hours. . . .and she crushed it all like a pro.


After we completed all of Nikki's work, we had the chance to chat. It was only then that I learned that this was one of Nikki's FIRST EVER voice-over sessions. In fact, she was just about to start taking classes to properly develop voice-over skills. I couldn't believe it - I thought she had been doing voice-over work for years.

Now - I don't know about you, but I know that I do MY best when I work with people that are good at what THEY do. It's simply more fun when you have the chance to up your game. In that spirit, I let Nikki know that I really wanted to help compile her reel. She told me - though - that she hadn't yet done enough VO work yet to have the material to compile. (Again - mind blown).

Instead of letting that derail us, I encouraged her to go take her class, soak up all the knowledge there and make as many contacts as she could. . .and let's then make a plan to get that V.O. reel together.

We stuck to our plane. . .and the results are below.

As you can hear, Nikki has such an inviting, welcoming voice. No matter the subject matter, there's something that pulls you in a little closer. And as a trained actor with experience in improv, she effortlessly dials-in the necessary adjustments to go from "nurturing" (for baby products) to "epic" (for super meaty pizzas) to "enthusiastic" (for a film-makers' competition). 

Learn more about Nikki on her website and contact her (nikki.e.lowe at gmail dot com) to get her in on your next VO session.

You'll be glad you did.

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