Because that's the milk we're made of.

Not long ago, when an entrepreneur spoke of selling food that was made from organically-grown ingredients - including crops that were free of pesticides and/or harsh fertilizers as well as dairy-products that were sourced from cows that roamed freely to feed on grass while fore-going growth hormones and the aggressive use of anti-biotics. . .well. . .to most folks, that was just some damn yippy-dippy talk. “Shhhee-ite” the chorus would commonly croon. “Ya long hairs are talkin’ nonsense. Don’t be foolish. This is Business, after all! Just get them ingredients at the lowest price possible - no matter the source - and maximize the profit”.

Well. . . 

A couple of guys went ahead and embraced that silly, hippy-dippy mentality - a mentality that surely could not succeed as a business-model - and turned it into a massively successful company. You no doubt know their story by now - and have enjoyed their ice-cream. If you take a peek in my freezer, you’ll know I am extremely familiar with their ice-cream. 

I had the pleasure of hearing Co-founder Jerry Greenfield speak a few years back at an AmEx Open forum for entrepreneurs on this very subject. I was especially drawn to his focus on the interconnectedness of things. . .suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees, customers and neighbors. . .each one’s actions - each one’s successes - each one’s struggles. . .these all affect the others. The fact that he and Ben Cohen were able to fervently honor their beliefs, bake them them into their corporate philosophy and then into a successful business - this is truly inspiring.

Fast forward a few years and I hear from the folks at Crush+Lovely. They need a studio & engineer to help with some voice-over work for their client Ben & Jerry’s. Would I be interested? Well - hell yeah! And - as it turns out - not only was this for Ben & Jerry’s, but this was part of an effort to tell the story of B&J’s corporate values - what they do, why they do what they do and why that matters. Awesome!

In my studio, we captured the voice-over with Neumann U 87 Ai mic powered by Vintech Audio X73i pre-amp. That signal got a light treatment from an Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor before tracking in Pro Tools. 

You can hear the final edit and see the beautiful footage shot by C+L here on B&J’s website.

Oh - and find out where to get your free ice-cream cone here.

Nom nom nom!!!!