Where are you goin'? Where have you been?

To be successful, you have to be on a trajectory - have a goal, have a plan and execute on that plan. Like a rocket aimed at Saturn, you have to know the direction you need to point yourself and the velocity at which you need to travel in order to be at the same place at the same time that Saturn is. Also - like a rocket ship - you may at some point in your travels realize that you need to adjust your direction or speed. And finally - and most importantly - in order to even begin this trip, you need to a strong and stable pad from which to launch.

Musicians. . . .any musician. . .all musicians. . .unless you're a member of the philharmonic (and even then, I would argue you still have much to gain by embracing this genre). . .the blues is the launching pad for your musical rocket ship.

I've encountered numerous artists over my career who quickly dismiss the blues. Sometimes these nay-sayers are jazz cats that consider the blues to be too structured & limited. Other folks are multi-degreed music-scholars that see the blues at being too simplistic and basic to be worthy of their appreciation. At other times, the doubters are the young-guns that create everything in the box with samples & loops and think of analog instruments as square and outdated.

Admittedly - I too had a similar attitude toward blues music as a young man. After all - I thought - the blues were from a by-gone era. The blues had nothing to do with me, the music I love and the music I wanted to make. . .until I learned better. 

Your journey - if you choose to take it - will be yours. . .so I won't bother you with the specifics of mine. However - the key, as a musician, is not only to be a maker of music but to be a STUDENT of music. After all - when someone wants to be a painter, they investigate the various "schools" and they study the masters. In the end, the best painters surely don't duplicate those that came before them - but they understand the roots of their art, draw on the best of their predecessors and channel it through their own perspective to create something new & unique.

So I encourage you. . .be you a young-gun or a grizzly veteran. . .a jazz-cat and an EDM DJ. . .a singer-songwriter and a pop music producer. . .ask the question "Whose shoulders are those that I and my art stand upon?" And then ask "Who was their inspiration? Whose shoulders did they stand upon?" And then again. . .and again. . .and again. Don't be surprised if this quest leads you to the realization that at the heart of your musical launching pad lies the blues.

And then. . .knowing where you have been. . .knowing where you have been MUSICALLY - long before you were born. . .will you then have a greater understanding and appreciation for where you are going.

Bon voyage!