When you know, you know.

It has been an amazing journey - years in the making. Challenges around time, distance and schedules necessitated a long gestation period that saw us slowly but steadily shaping and molding ideas. . .basic melodies and lyrics. . . into "radio ready" music.

Throughout the process there are lots of conversations followed by scheduling, recording sessions, editing, more conversations, more sessions, more editing, more conversations. . . .but when you sit the client down in front of the speakers and let them listen to the mix. . .they lean in. . .their body starts to move. . .their head starts to bob. . .without any words whatsoever, you know you're there. What a GREAT feeling!

Give a listen to the entire track, "So Divine" here:

Thanks to the musicians. . .
 - Grammy Award winner Tobias Gebb (Skizm, Lenny Kravitz, Trio West) on drums
 - Darren Lipper (Big Bowl of Soul, Trio Loopy, Kokolo) on bass
 - Roy Dunlap (Wynton Marsalis, John Mayer, Madeline Peyroux) on clavinet and Hammond B3 organ
 - Matt Blanchard (St. Vincent, Ike Sturm, ATL's "Home By Dark") on tenor sax, soprano sax and clarinet
 - Marco Viccaro Bucalone - electric guitar
Finally, yours truly pitched in with some harmonica, claps and vocals.