"My digital creative studio (Crush & Lovely) has partnered with Glen Muñoz Music on a number of projects for select clients - including voiceover sessions (Ben & Jerry's, Work Market, Percolate) and foley-work / audio mixes (a Ben & Jerry’s C&L-produced video). Glen is more than just the guy turning the knobs - he offers helpful suggestions based on his experience as a musician, a producer and a veteran of Madison Avenue and Digital Media. Even on tight deadlines, Glen is a pro – second to none. He is cool under pressure, efficient and always on-time. The end result is a great finished product and happy clients."

      - Matt Blanchard - Co-founder/CEO (Crush & Lovely)


"I have worked with Glen on several occasions in his studio as both a freelance drummer and composer and it was always a smooth and professional experience. He is very detail-oriented and methodical which results in a high-quality product/recording. His relaxed vibe is great for a stress-free environment so that one can focus on creating! We worked on stylistically different projects and it's obvious that he is comfortable working in different genres. I would certainly be glad to jump in the studio with him again!"

      - Tobias Gebb - drummer, composer, Grammy Award winner (Skizm) and label owner


"Glen mastered an album of mine and I couldn't imagine working with a more communicative, patient and insightful engineer. I didn't expect to learn much when having my album mastered - but he imparted his years of collected wisdom smartly and without condescension. Glen consistently double-checked for my input to make sure MY vision was achieved. A process that could have been stressful or largely out of my control was neither. The guy is super skilled and super nice - a rare combo!"

      - Wet Mut - songwriter & recording artist


"Glen is extremely professional and will cover all your details. He is equipped to make social content extraordinary and polished."

      - Jacqueline DiMaria - Associate Creative Director / Visual Designer


"I get a lot of satisfaction out of recording at Glen Munoz Music. You could say Glen is a curator of conditions. His production approach—whether tracking, editing or mixing—stems from a genuinely artist-centered mindset. He’s savvy at keying in to the needs of the moment quickly and accurately while remaining attuned to whatever larger vision I’m working toward.

"As recording studios go, GMM is intimate, and Glen engineers with a kind of low-key, happy persistence that assures me that song, muse, vision—whatever you want to call that thing, always comes first. He even whistles while he works! (Tho he'll gladly refrain if that’s not your thing).

"While he's not the type of producer to impose his "sound" on your music, Glen is a deft and insightful critic when requested, and can parse the problems in a mix and suggest canny solutions for them. It's always great to work with someone who has the technical chops and the desire to support your journey. Glen Muñoz is a true supporter of journeys."

      - Kid Bowery – songwriter


"I've shared a studio and worked on projects with Glen for several years now, and have always found him a pleasure to work with. He's generous, passionately concerned with getting a great sound and vibe, and makes the whole recording experience relaxed and comfortable in order to invite and support everyone's creative spirit. Five stars!"

      - Jon Herington - guitarist (Bette Midler, Boz Scaggs, Madeleine Peyroux, Steely Dan - Grammy Award for the platinum-selling "Two Against Nature"), singer/songwriter, producer


"I have known Glen for 16 years. . .both as a band-mate and as a recording engineer/producer. Glen is both a consummate professional and a great guy to work with. He is detail oriented while also very attuned to a musician’s needs. As a highly motivated and goal oriented music producer, he strives to understand his clients’ goals and works diligently to make it happen. I would recommend Glen to anyone looking for high-quality audio & music production of any kind."

      - Matthew Sullivan - songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist